R&D Team
Focus on design and development

Nata focus on design and development of new optics. The custom design service offer best solutions for customers.

Advanced optic test devices

We use the precise optic test machine to provide lamp test service and verify our designs

Systematic design procedures

Nata has systematic design procedures to handle custom design projects. Our system can efficiently and sharply focus on the design target and avoid misunderstandings during the communication. Which can save time and money for the development. The service includes the commercial lighting, residential lighting, street lighting, shop lighting and other applications.

Consulting and design services

Our team provides consulting and design services in the spirit of “responsibility, innovation, speed and cost effectiveness” for customers. Manufacturers that can only produce aluminum reflectors or can only produce PC reflectors or only produce lenses will be more subjective in conveying the benefits of their own processes to customers, and the disadvantages are lightly taken. However, Nata can produce both aluminum reflectors, PC reflectors and lenses. We know the advantages and disadvantages of these process. Therefore, we can objectively analyze the customer's application and budget and provide most proper advisements.


Optic Design

Invest more on R&D on optic and components...

R&D Team

Focus on development and design of new optics...


Accurately proceed the performance...