Nata, the low glare advocate, the biggest reflector designer and manufacturer in China

Nata , the low glare advocate, the biggest reflector design and manufacturer in China. Since 1998, Nata concentrate on the prefect balance between the functional requirements of light and maximized the optic efficiency. Nata is the partner of world's top lighting brands. The main products: aluminum reflector, plastic reflector, LENs and light pipe. Those products are widely used in track light, spot light, down light, street light, high bay, flash light and torch light and other special lighting fields.

Nata certified by ISO9001:2015 international quality system. The products compliance with EU RoHs and REACH standard. The products are equipped with sophisticated production lines: Precise Tooling, spinning, hydraulic, stamping, punching, Sandblasting, injection, anodizing and powder coating lines to ensure each product have been fine processing, each production process are subject to rigorous control.

Nata-has a professional reflector and lens optical design development team and optical test equipment. From beam angle, reflectivity, low glare, high light efficiency to optical focus tolerance and production feasibility have been thoroughly considered. Through computer modeling and optical tracing, the optimal reflective surface is designed to achieve the high optical performance.

Nata's philosophy, "excellent quality, the pursuit of perfection", "Service, Quality, Improvement, Excellent". Nata is doing best to reduce light pollution and create value for customer. Also keep competitive price and upgrade services and R&D capability.

Stable Quality

Nata is the powerful manufacturer of optical reflectors and lenses in China. We have a complete mold development and manufacturing lines for aluminum reflectors, PC reflectors and lenses. Under the ISO 9001:2015 management system, stable product quality and production lead time can be guarantee.

Experienced skill and precise equipment

Nata has a sophisticated reflector and lens structure tooling machine and a production equipment. The modern equipment can achieve complex and precise surface treatment, giving the product more possibilities.

User friendly designs

Our Optical designers work closely with structural engineers to develop optic products. Different light source brands have different bracket sizes. In the design process, the optical performance, easy and fast assembling would be considered at same time which can lower the problem such as the light ring or spots. Design from user view, user friendly.

Professional optic design teams

Optical design, theory and experience are indispensable. Theory and design software offer optical possibilities, but sometimes large errors occur in actual production. Nata experienced optical designers can foresee and avoided the potential problems.



Nata - one of the largest manufacturers of reflectors in China...


Nata's philosophy, 'excellent quality, the pursuit of perfection'. ...


Nata concentrate on the prefect balance between the functional...


ISO9001:2015 Management System to Ensure Production...