Nata, Since 1998, Nata concentrate on the prefect balance between the functional requirements of light and maximized the optic efficiency. Nata is the partner of world's top lighting brands.
Design and manufacture of aluminum reflector, PC reflector, lens, lighting fixture and hardware accessories
Quality-。Nata is the powerful manufacturer of optical reflectors and lenses in China. We have a complete mold development and manufacturing lines for aluminum reflectors, PC reflectors and lenses.
Skills- Nata has a sophisticated reflector and lens structure tooling machine and a production equipment.
Design-combine the theory and experience, well understand customer requirements
Efficiency- can reach to 97% efficiency



Nata - one of the largest manufacturers of reflectors in China...


Nata's philosophy, 'excellent quality, the pursuit of perfection'. ...


Nata concentrate on the prefect balance between the functional...


ISO9001:2015 Management System to Ensure Production...