How to choose a complete set of aluminium alloy reflector?

Company News | 2018-08-28

LED industrial and mining lamp is a kind of illumination lamp which needs a long time to use. Therefore, the requirement of energy saving is relatively high. Therefore, it is very important to select a suitable reflector. The function of the reflector is to concentrate light. Using its parabolic surface design, the light loss can be effectively reduced.

Some LED industrial and mining lamps use a single high-power LED as the light source, with multiple chip integrated light source design, the choice of reflector needs to be able to exclude the internal heat flow of the lamp body, reduce temperature, ensure the cooling requirements and service life of the LED industrial and mining lamps.

From the appearance, it is best to be able to perfectly combine with the electric box book, diffuse heat, ensure that the light source can effectively gather and heat dissipation at the same time, from the appearance of a compact structure. This can play a decorative effect.

The function of the reflector is a device that reflects back the illumination area, which can not reach the illumination area. It greatly improves the utilization rate of light, makes the irradiation more realistic, and meets the requirements of the environment. The high-quality reflector can make the light visual comfortable and improve the work efficiency.

The most important is the material of the reflector, which is mainly made of aluminium alloy. High purity aluminium is used as the reflector. It has a broader irradiation angle, more uniform light, limited control of glare and stroboscopy. In a real sense, it can protect the eyes and eliminate the problem of high color temperature caused by lamps and lanterns.

Select guaranteed products and manufacturers, observe whether the luminous hood contains chemical substances, and from time to time have fragile glass composition, because environmental protection and safety performance are increasingly valued, and also meet the basic requirements of LED industrial and mining lamp design.

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